NKW Group Backs Kickboxing Champion

NKW Group Backs Kickboxing Champion


NKW Group was proud back Papua New Guinean World Lightweight Kickboxing champion, Gabi Leana with a K50,000 sponsorship, which included sporting gear for his national and international fights, and travel expenses to Port Moresby, Brisbane and Argentina.


The NKW Group are proud to support sports and the achievement of individuals, especially those who show commitment and promise. “Gabi Leana has shown great potential and continues to improve his chances on becoming a true contender in the sport of kickboxing.”

“Our support for Leana is driven by our commitment to help people to achieve greater goals in life. The sponsorship is valued at K50,000. It offers Leana the opportunity to train with professional trainers in Australia and then take part in the World Light Middleweight championships in Argentina.”

NKW Group see the support as one that will help Gabi maintain his World Title ranking and continue to have PNG placed as the world’s leading nations in Kickboxing. Leana’s manager Palmer Eckerman said Leana trains five hours a day and is able and fit for the upcoming championships. Eckerman has thanked NKW for the support, adding that it will go a long way.

Leana is known as ‘The Steel’, is a person living with disability and will be defending his World Lightweight title which he has won five times in 1997, 1998, 2007, 2009 and 2010. He will  be defending his Light Middleweight title in Port Moresby on September 26.

Leana, who is of a mixed Morobe and Central parentage, in sign language, said he was proud and grateful for the support and will prove that he will prove he is strong when he gets on stage.